Find an event near you and join in the fun

By taking part in National Ride to Work Day, you have the opportunity to inspire others to do the same. This event serves as a reminder to all road users that we all share the daily commute to work, and it is more enjoyable when we all look out for one another. Policymakers will also be able to see how important motorcycles are in the transportation mix.

Use this opportunity to introduce a friend to riding. Offer them a ride to work on your motorcycle or scooter, or even better, encourage them to try a Free Ride through any Get On schemes in your area. If they enjoy it, they may still be able to complete their CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) before June 19th and then ride their own motorcycle to work.

You'll be surprised at how much time and trouble you can save by riding to work. Not only that, but you will be helping to reduce traffic congestion on the roads. If you start riding to work once a week, you will save a significant amount of time and money over the course of a year. Imagine how much better the roads would be if everyone did the same thing; bikes take up much less space than a modern car.

Check out some of the available Travel Savings Calculators to see how much you could save on your daily commute.

This is an excellent opportunity for new riders to begin riding more frequently. Simply click "Going" on the Ride to Work UK Facebook event and leave a message on the event wall; the organisers will do their best to connect you with a more experienced rider who can be your riding buddy on the day.

If You Work From Home

If you're one of the many people who works from home these days, you can still participate in Ride To Work Day by simply getting dressed up in your motorcycle gear and riding half of your old commute before work, and then after work getting your motorcycle gear back on and doing another half. That way you won't have missed out on any of the Ride To Work Day fun!

Advice For Employers

  • Promoting two-wheeled commuting shows a dedication to the environment.
  • The shift towards motorcycles as a mode of transportation helps alleviate congestion and sustain economic growth.
  • While walking and biking are ideal for shorter commutes, they may not be feasible for employees who live far away. Motorcycles produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions and meet strict noise and emission regulations, and electric options are becoming more readily available.
  • Motorcycles and scooters take up minimal parking space compared to cars, saving on costly overhead expenses.
  • Riders are often more alert and less stressed than drivers when arriving at work, leading to improved morale.
  • Survey your workforce to determine who may be interested in riding to work, and identify any obstacles preventing them from doing so. Then, do your best to remove any obstacles within your control, such as providing secure parking and charging options for electric motorcycles.
  • Consider offering amenities such as lockers, drying rooms, and changing facilities for riders, as well as deals with local training schools and dealerships. You can even organize CBT courses as team-building events and promote road safety and the well-being benefits of motorcycling to your employees.

So in conclusion ...

Get out there and ride your bike to work, and get your colleauges involved as well. The more of them that leave their cars at home, the better for all of society!